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    Please can you explain some options for ptramfs.exe?
    I can’s find any documentation

    -b Force buffered I/O.
    -u Force unbuffered I/O.
    cache write? but why?
    -c <capacity> Set maximum volume capacity.
    MB or KB or just bytes?
    -e Indicate files are NTFS encrypted.
    only indicate?
    -n Disable namespace caching.
    caching what?
    -s Serve to stdin/stdout.
    how it works?
    -z Indicate files are NTFS compressed.
    just indicate or it really compress files?

    also, lately I have strange bug with ptramfs.exe and pfmramfs.dll
    when I delete file(s), process still allocate memory for it, so it only grow up and newer free it at all
    only way is re-mount
    I think it’s something with “file in use” maybe

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