Pismo File Mount build 174 released.

The following new packages are released and available on the download page:

  • Pismo File Mount Audit Package build 174
  • PFM Developer Kit build 174
  • Pismo ISO Tool build 173
  • Pismo Trace Monitor build 167

This release of the PFM Audit Package brings numerous changes affecting both end-users and 3rd party developers. In particular, support for “virtual mount points” on Windows has been removed. Now mounted volumes are exposed under a c:\Volumes folder, as well as through UNC and through optional drive letters. Developers and users are encouraged to switch to the new version. Feedback from end-users and non-commercial developers should be done through the support forum.

The trace tool has been updated with a Windows debugger (windbg) extension. Linux kernel support in the trace tool and the PFM Linux package has been updated to support up through kernel version 3.18 .

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