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  • Dhebug
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    I’ve been using PFM v180 for quite a number of months, and recently tried to upgrade to version 184 in order to benefit from the bug fixes (like the support for Windows 10 picture viewer).

    I noticed that older versions of my application (linked with SDK180) are running just fine if I have the PFM Api 184 installed, but running the newly built version (linked with SDK184) fails with PfmApiFactory returning an error code 123.

    Are these error code described somewhere, so I can display a better error message?

    Joe Lowe
    Posts: 101

    The error is a system error, on windows 123 is ERROR_INVALID_NAME.

    I have recently built the tempfs.cpp sample using VS2013 in the 184 devkit, and run it on a system with PFM build 184 installed. I am pretty confident this is generally working.

    Make sure you have PFM build 184 installed on the test system and working. From a cmd prompt:

    (should output text including pfm.
    c:\windows\pismofilemount\ptramfs test
    start c:\volumes\test

    You can keep building your file system with the 180 devkit as long as you want/need. PFM builds are backwards binary compatible. If you switch to the 184 dev kit, you will need to deploy PFM build 184 or later with your file system.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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