Pismo Technic Inc.

Pismo Technic is a software development company that specializes in portable, stable, and performant, file system technology. Our flagship technology product, Pismo File Mount, enables our customers to build and deploy file system implementations on Windows, OSX, and Linux. To learn more about our file system technology, visit the Pismo File Mount page.

Using Pismo File Mount, you can build custom file systems for Windows, Mac, and Linux, using the programming language and development tools you are already comfortable with. To learn more about building file systems using Pismo Technic technology, check out the PFM Dev Kit documentation , or download the PFM Audit Package and PFM Dev Kit from the download page.

Why should you use Pismo File Mount for your file system project?

  • You want a stable and field proven file system platform to build on, designed and supported based on decades of industry experience.
  • You want to use the programming language and development tools you are already familiar with.
  • You want to use platform tech that provides the most architectural flexibility for your application, avoiding unnecessary platform and tool dependencies.
  • You want the option of deploying your project on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

How is Pismo Technic different from other file system platform developers?

  • We do not charge developer or upfront license fees. We believe commercial developers should not pay for platform tech until they are able to successfully deploy it to customers.
  • We do not require licensing for use of our tech in internally deployed commercial projects. If you use PFM only for internal projects and you are satisfied with community support, you can use our tech without charge.
  • We believe that deploying and supporting software in the field is difficult enough without having to deal with DRM and license enforcement mechanisms in platform tech. PFM uses a lightweight branding mechanism for commercial licensees, but is otherwise DRM free.
  • We provide free access to our tech to non commercial developers, such as students and hobbyists.