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Pismo Trace Monitor

Pismo Trace Monitor is a Windows software development and support utility that facilitates efficient diagnostics output and logging in pre-release and release applications. It can be used during development to allow realtime monitoring and profiling. It can also be used in the field to gather diagnostic information.


  • Traces can be written from any executable, DLL, or driver.
  • Minor code impact, include one header file and change printf to trprintf.
  • Usable from C and C++ code.
  • Tracing calls have virtually no performance impact when running on systems without the monitor installed.
  • Multiple processes or drivers can choose to send traces to the same channel.
  • Trace data can be accessed post mortem in memory dumps.

Pismo Trace Monitor is available free of charge and with an open license. Refer to the download page for the current version and license agreement.

The header file and static libraries needed to integrate Trace Monitor into applications is included in the Trace Monitor SDK, also available on the download page.

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