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Pismo File Mount

Pismo File Mount is an operating system extension that enables application controlled virtual and user mode file systems. Using Pismo File Mount, applications can expose all kinds of program and user data through the file system interface.

Pismo File Mount Audit Package showcases the functionality provided by the Pismo File Mount system extension.

Pismo File Mount is licensed for use in all types of applications. Refer to Pismo File Mount Licensing for information regarding distribution, support, and licensing.

Developer Kit and Documentation

The Pismo File Mount Developer Kit is available on the download page. This kit includes the documentation, support files, and samples necessary to enable use of PFM technology within applications.

Detailed information about Pismo File Mount is available in the documentation included with the Pismo File Mount Developer Kit. A recent version of this documentation can also be browsed online.

Pismo File Mount Documentation.

Applications for Pismo File Mount include:

  • Portable file systems

    PFM enables development of local and network file systems that are portable to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Self mounting installers

    Software installation packages can execute and install without first decompressing to a temporary location on the hard drive.

  • Self mounting applications

    An application can be packaged with resource files and support libraries into a single executable file.

  • Content management

    Applications can utilize a variety of content protection mechanisms, without losing the ability to internally access content files through the file system.

  • Resource file access

    Games can package thousands of resource files into a single archive, yet still access resources through the file system.

  • Data archiving and indexing

    Archive files can be searched and accessed using any tools that are designed to work with the file system.

  • Encrypted and compressed folders

    Encrypted and/or compressed folders can be created that exist as simple files while locked, but become file system folders when unlocked. Contents can be viewed, edited, and executed, without copying to unprotected storage.

  • Video and audio disc image access

    Video and audio in CD and DVD images can be accessed in place by any media player.

  • On the fly media format conversion

    Video and audio can be dynamically converted to an alternate format and used by any media player or processing program.

  • Media file organization

    Meta data in media files can be used to create alternate virtual file system views, while allowing the files to be accessed through the alternate view by any media player or processing application.

  • Database access

    Large database records, such as images, can be exposed through the file system.

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