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Pismo Self Mounting Installer/Executable

Pismo Self Mounting Executable (SMX) is a technology that facilitates distribution of large multi-file applications and install packages as a single executable file. Unlike existing self extraction technologies, SMX allows the contents of the executable package to be used without requiring extraction to a temporary folder in the users file system.

Self mounting packages are created using PTCFS to create a Compact File Set with a special executable stub incorporating Pismo File System Redirector technology. PTCFS and the needed self mounting stub files are included in Pismo File Mount.


  • Compression
  • File splitting/spanning
  • Password based strong encryption
  • Digital signing for software distribution

Compression indexing, choice of ZIP or LZMA compression algorithms, and configurable compression frame size, allow optimization of performance and package size.

SMX packages can be signed using the same Authenticode certificates and signing tools used for Windows executables and CAB files.

Benefits over existing technologies

  • Improved user experience. User does not have to wait for extraction before installer or application starts.
  • No extra extraction related UI or dialogs. All users see is the packaged application or installer.
  • On-the-fly package authenticy checks eliminate need for a verification pass through package.
  • Faster install times due to eliminated extraction time and authenticy check.
  • Better compression in many cases.
  • Reduced hard drive space required during installation processing.
  • No temp folder cleanup required after exit.
  • No performance penalty for including optional files in package. Files that are not used by the application or installer are never read from the package.


The needed stub files are installed to the Pismo File Mount program folder, typically c:\Program Files\Pismo File Mount . PTCFS is installed to the Windows folder and can be run from the command prompt. Syntax help for PTCFS is provided at the command prompt.

Users are encouraged to send inquries to Pismo Technic Inc. support with questions and feedback regarding SMX.

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